My Hero Academia and the last gesture of a hero, was he the one who ruined Shigaraki's plans?

The awakening of Shigaraki in the previous chapters of My Hero Academia led to an unprecedented massacre. If the victims and the seriously injured of the last chapters like Mirko and Hawks were not enough, now the decaying power of the most powerful villain is back in circulation.

In My Hero Academia 273 Shigaraki has finally stopped his wave of destruction after killing heroes like X-Less, Crust and many others with no name but who have fallen victim to the spread of decay. However, it seems that the villain found himself with a nasty surprise in his hands as the capsule he jealously guarded and on which the doctor was working has been sabotaged.

Inside were the vials of fluid synthesized by Overhaul, that weapon capable of erasing the quirks of others forever. Fortunately, only a part of them is available since a strange attack seems to have partially melted the machinery. VIZ Media translator Caleb Cook indicates who did it via Twitter, probably with one last desperate gesture.

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X-Less is the first hero to meet Shigaraki after his awakening, he is also the one who noticed the machine hidden behind the tangle of laboratory cables. We don't know for sure if it was him, but considering that Shigaraki did everything to keep the car safe without being touched by the decay implies that it was a third person who created that damage and the only one close enough to do this was X-Less. Just like Crust, this hitherto unknown hero made it clear what it means to fight to the last second for a noble cause, had you noticed this detail in My Hero Academia?


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