My Hero Academia and the future of Eraserhead: what will happen to the teacher of the 1-A?

Shota Aizawa, or if you prefer Eraserhead, is certainly one of the biggest protagonists of the latest story arc of My Hero Academia. The hero’s path has undergone a decidedly unexpected development after the events of the last chapter, and now fans can’t help but wonder what future awaits him.

In the latest manga release, the 1-A teacher decided to amputating a leg to block the effect of the anti-quirk bullet hurled by Shigaraki. The antagonist’s ability right now is far too high for the Pro Heroes, and if Aizawa lost his quirk, then there would be no more restraint on Shigaraki’s power.

So what will happen to Eraserhead? Will he lose his life? Or will he live permanently on one leg? Fans have come up with four highly plausible scenarios. The first is that Aizawa loses his life during the fight with Shigaraki, a possibility that finds some weak confirmation in the spoilers of chapter 283, in which we see a tearful Deku ready to throw himself against the leader of the Union of Villains. The hero has also received a lot of space in the spin-off Vigilante: My Hero Academia Illegals, so an exit from the scene is absolutely not to be excluded.

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The second possibility is that Aizawa does not heal, and that you continue to do your one-legged teaching job. The power of the hero does not necessarily require great mobility, so a scenario where he continues to fight crime with an escort, or in a wheelchair, is not impossible.

The third and fourth involve the hero recovering his limb, with the help of the only two girls able to solve the problem. The first is Eri, who with his power could reconstruct the lost leg, while the second is the engineer Mei Hatsume, who thanks to his extraordinary ability could build a prosthesis that allows the hero to move easily again.

What do you think of it? Which of these possibilities seems the most probable to you? Let us know with a comment in the box below.


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