My Hero Academia: Aizawa's death? Unlikely, and here's why

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The latest saga of My Hero Academia it is full of heart-pounding, with numerous emotions that are unfolding each other chapter after chapter. Kohei Horikoshi has maniacally prepared this narrative arc and the results are yielding the desired results. But what could this terrible war entail?

In recent numbers, the battle between the heroes and the Paranormal Liberation Front has shown the readers of the manga the cruelty of a confrontation of this magnitude, with losses from both sides. Chapter 277 of My Hero Academia has taken over the fight between Shigaraki and Aizawa, with the latter facing all his energies to prevent the new owner of theAll for One can take advantage of his deadly and powerful quirk.

This inevitably opened one in the community death flag, or the concrete possibility that Eraser Head may die from the fight. Either way, his departure is more unlikely than it seems. In some ways, in fact, his character is comparable to the figure of Kakashi in Naruto, a sort of mentor who came several times near death to save himself in extremis. In the same way, therefore, All Might could respond to the role of Jiraya, as there are some analogies between the two that make them kindred spirits, especially with regard to their students. Therefore, if it is difficult for Aizawa to remain dry following the clash, we could hardly not imagine a different fate for the former Hero number 1.

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And you, on the other hand, what do you think of this analogy, do you believe that Eraser Head is close to death or will he manage in the end? Let us know with a comment below.

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