My Hero Academia: a Mount Lady cosplay is ready to crush you

Once high school is over, all students of Yuei and other special academies can finally enter the adult world of My Hero Academia and become full-fledged heroes. This is the career that awaits Deku, Bakugo, Uraraka and many other young characters we know.

There are of course individuals we now know well in My Hero Academia who have already reached this milestone for years. Between those who work as a shoulder, who as a helper in a hero agency and who is the boss, we have seen many professionals at work. One of the first of these full-time heroes seen in My Hero Academia is Mount Lady, a girl in her early twenties who is capable of transforming to reach a height of over twenty meters.

Her skills are quite difficult to manage since she has only two heights available, namely the giant one and the normal one and this creates many problems for her both in professional and everyday life. Now we see it in its normal form with a Mount Lady cosplay by Natalia Kat. The model had recently proposed one of her Camie Utsushimi cosplay, but decided to stay in the world of My Hero Academia with another character proposed in close proximity.

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In a few weeks we will see the characters of My Hero Academia at the AnimeJapan, who knows if there will also be the giant heroine.


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