My Hero Academia, a fan discovers new details on one of the predecessors of Mydoria

After discovering that the One for All is not a single power but a container that contains the powers and memories of previous users, the curiosity in the fans of My Hero Academia increases page after page.

Impatient to wait for a new flashback about the powers of the One for All through the conscience of the quirk which, as explained in chapter 287 of My Hero Academia, gives Deku the ability to relive the memories of former users, to discover the details regarding the fourth user of the One for All a twitter user, shibuyasmash, had to go back in time. In previous chapters, the now ex number one hero had shown a notebook with notes relating to the power of One for All.

According to what they managed to translate, All Might reported some notes about the solitary character of the “fourth” and the strangeness of quirk. It seems that the fourth lived in a remote forest and that his power was difficult to use. In the note there is a note that suggests that before giving up his power to the fifth user, the lonely bearer of power shared this information with his successor.

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The reliability of this news is not certain and more than giving answers they increase curiosity about the figure of the fourth user of power. To discover the identity and powers of the predecessors we should therefore wait for the next issues of My Hero Academia.

Waiting for new details on One for All, we will be able to enjoy the upcoming clash between Himiko Toga and Uraraka in the November volume of My Hero Academia

What do you think of the discovery ?.


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