My Hero Academia: a curious similarity has been found between Shoto and his brother

The recent war fought in My Hero Academia completely upset the society of heroes and the Todoroki family members were particularly struck by the events. Let’s see together a particular detail that unites Shoto to his recently found brother.

The numerous clashes that occurred during the recent narrative arc have considerably weakened the heroes who at the same time find themselves having to face the new problems related to public opinion towards their role. Much of the discontent is also caused by the actions of Dabi that has made several heroes look bad by revealing their darkest secrets. Among these in particular there is Endeavor of which the villain has spread the truth regarding the sufferings that the man has made his family suffer, also revealing his true identity: Toya, the son believed dead of the current hero number one and brother of Shoto.

Despite having taken two totally different paths originally the two brothers were very similar, testifies to a flashback that, in the recent chapter of My Hero Academia, broke the hearts of many fans. Another feature that unites them is revealed by the Reddit user MrVaportrail. Through the image that I report at the bottom of this news, the enthusiast points out the hair colour of the boys who in the past were inverted.

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For those wishing to deepen the character of Dabi, I also report a news concerning chapter 301 of My Hero Academia.


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