My Hero Academia 302 spoiler: the birth of Dabi in a flashback

There has been much discussion about Dabi’s origins, who this mysterious member of the League of Villain was and what he was hiding. There war of My Hero Academia recently ended has brought to light the truth about the fiery villain, throwing various characters into despair.

However, all this must inevitably be addressed by the family that created this individual. The Todoroki have joined in the hospital room where Endeavor is located and have started a discussion about their history and past events. After starting a flashback in My Hero Academia 301, Kohei Horikoshi doubles up and continues the revelation about the past.

I first spoilers of My Hero Academia 302 confirm that there will once again be an in-depth study on the Todoroki family. The young Touya, after trying to attack Shoto out of jealousy, realizes he was wrong. But his gaze becomes more and more desperate as Shoto grows up and is trained by his father while he is pushed aside. His siblings, Natsuo and Fuyumi, don’t understand this and once Touya turns 13, he manages to unlock the Blue Flames of his quirk, creating a vastness of flames that envelop everything.

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As Enji and Rei recall these events, in the present Shoto holds out his hand to his tearful father. In the finale, the family urges Endeavor to move on while Hawks and Best Jeanist are behind the door to listen to the conversation. My Hero Academia 302 will be published on MangaPlus Sunday 21 February 2021.


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