My Hero Academia 302 is on Manga Plus: what is happening to the Todoroki family?

My Hero Academia chapter 302 is available on MangaPlus, and continues what appears to be a brief transition period before the next big story arc. Waiting to find out how the situation will evolve in Tartarus Horikoshi has decided to continue telling the story of the Todoroki, returning to an important past episode.

In addition to the more obvious deductions that can be made by reading the chapter, it is interesting to finally understand the reason why Dabi, fictitious name chosen by Toya Todoroki, hates her family so much. Beyond Endeavor, the flashback shows a kind of antagonism towards the mother, held responsible for his birth and unable to oppose organized marriage. Dabi points to her mother as real guilty of her condition, like Endeavor, even going so far as to ridicule her by belittling her advice.

Subsequently Toya gets angry with her brother Natsuo, too passive with respect to the positions taken by his father and not interested in having a simple conversation between brothers, and defines the women in his family as “useless”, declaring that it would not make sense to talk to Fuyumi because he could not understand. After training on Mount Sekoto, Toya realizes that the power of her flame is fueled by her emotions, and manages without problems to reach stratospheric temperatures, obtaining the iconic blue color. At the same time, the villain returns to blame his father for his situation, since after the birth of Shoto he abruptly stopped training, not teaching him to lower the temperature, but only to raise it.

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In the hospital the whole family thinks about what to do, and all five members do mea culpa. By understanding the situation they are in and finally observing the father from a new perspective, Shoto finally decides to hold out his hand, and the two prepare to defeat Dabi.

And what do you think of this chapter? Did you like it? Let us know with a comment! While waiting for the release number 303, we recommend that you take a look at the latest nice illustrations by Horikoshi’s assistant.


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