My Hero Academia 302 contains a serious transcription error, the team’s apologies arrive

In a passage present in the second half of chapter 302 of My Hero Academia, there is an important transcription error that has confused several readers, so much so as to force the official Twitter profile to intervene on social networks. The error also remains on MangaPlus, but according to the team it will be corrected in the coming days and in the printed volume in the future.

On page 14 Rei Todoroki speaks to Endeavor and his sons, declaring: “Once Toya was gone, you [Endeavor] grew worse and worse until I couldn’t stand the sight of you“(lit.” after Toya’s disappearance you continued to get worse and worse, and at a certain point I couldn’t even look at you “). the first part of the sentence must be omitted, as Rei had already been hospitalized before Toya’s alleged death. The correct sentence, therefore, is “Year after year you kept getting worse and worse, and at one point I couldn’t even look you in the eye anymore“.

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The problem is that the sentence – as reported on MangaPlus – implies that Rei was present during the incident of Toya, while in chapter 250 of the manga Fuyumi states that the event occurred after Shoto’s accident, and thus when the mother had already been forced to the hospital. As a result, it wasn’t Toya’s alleged death that made Rei lose his mind, only Endeavor’s violent behavior.


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