My Hero Academia 302 and the madness of Dabi: the moment in which the villain was born

The villain Dabi has so far been one of the most mysterious among those who have taken part in Tomura Shigaraki’s plan to overthrow the company of My Hero Academia. The character presenting with various burns all over his body has given off this aura of mystery that is only partially removed with some revelations recently.

Dabi is Touya Todoroki, the eldest son of Endeavor and Rei and believed to have died in an accident involving his own quirk. Uncovering the truth during the war left Enji Todoroki vulnerable and heartbroken, but the hero’s family joined him in the hospital, launching a flashback with the Todoroki family story.

My Hero Academia 302 continues the story of these fragments of the past, resuming with the night following Touya’s attempted assault on Shoto. Endeavor has decided to keep Shoto’s life separate from that of the other brothers, while Rei accuses the man of not being a true hero. Years later, life seems to flow smoothly, with Shoto forced to train by his father, while Touya plays with his brothers. But the boy’s gaze begins to get dark. The eldest son tries to talk about it with Natsuo, who doesn’t understand the situation yet, while his mother tries to convince Touya to look beyond the heroic career. But Touya verbally assaults her, blaming her.

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Meanwhile, with puberty reached, the Touya’s body evolves and begins to emit blue flames. Training in secret on a hill, he evolves his power and back home asks his father to come and see the power he can emit, telling him once again not to be a failure. Endeavor takes it out on Rei once again, but that night Touya unleashes its flames without being able to stop them. Everything catches fire on the hill as the family watches everything from the house, distraught.

In the present, Rei warns Endeavor that sin is to be shared while Shoto asks his father to take care of Dabi together. The chapter of My Hero Academia ends with Hawks and Best Jeanist listening to everything from outside the room. Chapter 303 will arrive regularly in Weekly Shonen Jump and MangaPlus on the last Sunday of February.


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