My Hero Academia: 3 moments that shaped Izuku Midoriya’s personality

As we have mentioned in The Truth News, My Hero Academia revolves around an interesting boy named Izuku MidoriyaSomeone who since childhood has always been criticized for his physical qualities, but that never stopped him mentally.

As time goes by, unexpected things begin to come to Izuku that benefit him or make him evolve as a superhero, one of them is getting to know his idol All Might. However, there are others that have greatly influenced his personality.

1. Not having powers

When he was a child the protagonist was listed as someone without peculiarity, also known as Quirkless, something unusual among his classmates. This is why he was always teased at school because he was not cool or could not defend himself.

That made him think that he would never fulfill his dream, be a hero. However, he didn’t let that stop him and use those criticisms as an impetus to never give up and get to where he is now.

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2. Training with All Might

Training with All Might

Of course, Midoriya got to enter the UA Academy and All Might was one of the reasons that kept him going. Something happened to him that he never expected, that his idol Symbol of Peace inherited his One for All so that he finally obtained powers.

Thanks to this, he realized that there is always hope to fulfill dreams and today My Hero Academia does everything possible to honor the Gift that has been given to him.

3. Recovery of Eri

Izuku’s life also had a drastic change after meeting Eri, an innocent girl with great power who was manipulated by Overhaul. Deku had to use a lot of power and effort to be able to defeat this enemy and thus get her back no matter what happened.

After this, Izuku and Mirio Togata became important people for Eri, since in addition to taking care of her they teach her how to live the normal life she deserves.

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