My Hero Academia 288: the evolution of Toga, all the news about the villain

Chapter 288 of My Hero Academia focuses on one of the public’s most beloved Villains, Himiko Toga. The girl, despite being on the side of the antagonists, has conquered readers for her bizarre way of doing, but the new pages of the manga allow us to take a deeper look at her belief.

The “Paranormal War of Liberation” story arc caused heavy losses for both the Pro Heroes and the Villain Union. Of the latter faction we have often seen the worst part, but chapter 288 of My Hero Academia provides us a more tender view of the group of villains, especially Himiko Toga.

Toga joined the Villain Union after the capture of Stain, who inspired a new generation of villains with his battle. The girl only means live life the way you like it and does not understand why the heroes try to prevent it. To find an answer to his question, he throws himself onto the battlefield.

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However, since joining Villain’s group, Himiko Toga seems to have matured. Separating from his allies, in chapter 288 of the manga by Kohei Horikoshi Toga he realizes that the battle to overturn the society of heroes will decide his future and that of his friends. The girl intends to find out if the Pro Heroes consider her as a normal person or not, but in search of answers she runs into Ochaco. The battle between her and Uraraka in My Hero Academia 288 will mark a turning point. Meanwhile, Dabi looks ready to take Endeavor out of the game in the My Hero Academia manga.


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