My Hero Academia 286, spoilers and images: Deku’s anger does not subside

The intense battle for justice is about to return once again. My Hero Academia 286 is coming to Weekly Shonen Jump and MangaPlus and will present us once again Deku and his fellow protagonists of the fight that has seen them engaged for several months now.

In the meantime, the first ones have sprung up on the web just a few days after the chapter’s arrival spoiler of My Hero Academia 286 with lots of images. Let’s see together what the weekly story has in store for us that has now fascinated a generation.

Below you can see a gallery of images on My Hero Academia 286, while we discover that the title is “The person in us”. Bakugo asks Deku not to fight alone, while Todoroki’s intervention manages to avoid the fall of his classmate.

Shigaraki, or All for One, says that today there was a lot of blood shed in vain, but Bakugo’s was the least sensible of all. At this point Deku again pours his wrath on the enemy, starting to fight him again, while the Shigaraki’s face seems to break and the grin of All for One can be seen from it.

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Gigantomachia can be seen again, in the city of Sairo, which smells of both its masters. In Jaku, Nejire, Iida, Ochako, Tsuyu, Kouda and Fukidashi are busy evacuating civilians, but Ochako is anxious. Shigaraki / All for One manages to touch Deku’s face and they both enter the vestiges. Shigaraki and All for One argue over the master’s power and rescue, while Deku is unable to move.

However, Nana Shimura appears trying to stop her nephew Tenko. The predecessors of One for All seem to be telling Deku that he can’t move into that world yet, but they will take care of freeing him. My Hero Academia 286 will officially arrive on October 4th on MangaPlus.


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