My Hero Academia 285: did Bakugo replicate one of the first scenes of the manga?

My Hero Academia has just completed six years of publication on the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump, and in this time span it has established itself as one of the most followed series and with many characters loved by fans, a fact mainly due to their particularly colorful style, and of course to the their characterization.

Kohei Horikoshi was in fact able to characterize and make most of the main characters memorable, since the first tables of the manga. If initially Bakugo appeared as an unbearable and presumptuous boy, who always aims to be superior to his companions, recent developments have shown us a profound change of the Hero, especially as regards his relationship with Midoriya.

Chapter 285 ended with a scene that is significant to say the least, and which at the same time represents a clear reference to an event read at the beginning of the series. After grabbing Shigaraki from behind, repelled by an attack from Deku, Endeavor unleashed its powerful Prominence Burn, attempting to kill Shigaraki. However, the villain managed to resist, attacking with the All For One Deku. Seeing his friend in trouble, Bakugo moved automatically, remembering the moments he lived with Midoriya, and fully taking the blow in his place.

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We saw a very similar scene in the final bars of the first chapter of the manga. Midoriya in fact, seeing Bakugo blocked by a Villain and in tears, intervenes immediately, even if at the time he did not have any Quirk. Despite some difficulties, Midoriya’s timeliness served to give All Might the necessary time to arrive on the site, and his actions made him a true Hero for the first time, a title that now belongs completely to Bakugo himself.

We leave you to an in-depth study on Shigaraki’s motivations, and to our predictions regarding chapter 286 of My Hero Academia.


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