My Hero Academia 285: Bakugo reflects on the dual nature of One For All

The latest story arc of My Hero Academia led us to some impressive battles, full of tension and twists that have been keeping readers in suspense for several chapters, and the most important clash, the one between Izuku Midoriya and Tomura Shigaraki has not yet ended, despite the two suffered serious injuries.

By harnessing the power of the skills they have inherited in fact, both the protagonist and the villain have pushed their limits, causing severe damage to their bodies. We saw an extremely violent exchange of blows, involving both Deku’s One For All and Shigaraki’s All For One, and according to what happened in chapter 285 it seems that the Quirk previously owned by All Might is more obscure of what we believed.

Following what was shown in the previous chapter, Horikoshi momentarily brings us back to conversation between Bakugo and All Might during a Deku training session. Bakugo is intrigued by the mysterious Quirk that belonged to the fourth owner of the One For All, which as we know allows new users to also access the secondary skills that the previous Heroes had.

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All Might himself is not sure about the truth of that particular Quirk and the effects it could have on Deku, but the former number 1 tries to reassure Bakugo, who however, back in the present, defines One For All as a Cursed Power, which requires a great sacrifice from its owner, but at the same time makes the latter an example to follow, an icon of the good that can be done for others.

Recall that Bakugo seems to have replicated one of the first scenes of the manga, and we leave you to the predictions on chapter 286.


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