My Hero Academia 285: Bakugo just like a hero in the spoilers of the new chapter

The situation becomes more and more tragic in the last chapters of My Hero Academia, with the sensei who has begun to remove the stakes regarding the violence of the clashes. The battle against Shigaraki becomes more and more bloody and also chapter 285 promises to be full of exciting twists.

Deku is now determined to play it all out, aware that the time has come for the owner of the One for All to fulfill its role, that is to oppose with all its power the All for One threat. In honor of this decision, Midoriya has decided not to think about their handicaps anymore and to use the maximum of energy to knock Midoriya out.

Chapter 285 opens just like that, with Deku reminding the doctors’ warnings about the improper use of the arms, heavily damaged by previous battles. But not even this thought can prevent the protagonist from launching deadly attacks against Tomura. From the pictures, it looks like Todoroki e Bakugo they realize this is their chance to end the fight and they rush to support Midoriya. In all this, Bakugo proves once again that he has grown a lot since the early days and remembers with annoyance the past and the bully gestures against his friend. Endeavor rises into the sky and immobilizes Shigaraki who, suddenly, unleashes and launches the same attack against Deku that All for One used in the past to force the activation of quirks. However, Bakugo in one splendid development of its characterization moves to protect Izuku as if his body acted on its own, in the same way as he was saved by his friend during the first chapter of the manga. But with a twist, in an attempt to save his friend the aspiring Hero is pierced by the powerful attack of the villain.

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