My Hero Academia 279: the return of a hero is essential for students

The weekly progress of My Hero Academia allows you not to spend too much time between one chapter and another, even if the breaks of Weekly Shonen Jump and the author combined with a phase full of events and twists put a strain on the patience of the readers. We don't know yet what will happen in My Hero Academia 280.

So let's review what happened in the last chapter of My Hero Academia. After taking on Gigantomachia in a showdown, Mount Lady was thrown away. To help the students even a little, she clung to the monstrous giant's legs and tried to slow him down for a few seconds. His intervention seems to have been enough since Momo Yaoyorozu and the others made the plan on time.

Gigantomachia, however, is not easy to knock down and Mount Lady's return has been fundamental in helping the young heroes in their plan. In fact, on the final chapter giant woman pushes the enemy to the ground again and tries to open his mouth, immediately realizing that the boys are trying to sleep him or make him ingest any particular substance that could keep him at bay. Now it's Mina Ashido's turn, she'll manage to do not make the intervention of Mount Lady in vain?

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