My Hero Academia 276: Aizawa has found the best partner possible

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We have always been used to My Hero Academia to see Eraserhead act more or less alone, even if in support of other heroes. It happened during the invasion of the Yuei training camp by Shigaraki and his first companions, then easily shot down by heroes and students. It happened naturally also later.

in last chapters of My Hero Academia where the fight between heroes and villains is taking place we have seen it again in the center of the action, in support of Endeavor and the other pro heroes at the top of the ranking. After escaping unharmed from the laboratory thanks to Crust's sacrifice, he decided to devote himself to the maximum to stop the advance of Tomura Shigaraki, now with the unlimited power of All for One.

Taking advantage of his eyes, Eraserhead activated his quirk by limiting Shigaraki's chances but, as we well know, there is an enormous effort to bear since the professor cannot blink at all. To his rescue comes the hero Manual who, thanks to his quirk, manages to always keep Eraserhead's eyes fresh so as not to force him to lose eye contact with the enemy super villain.

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Although Aizawa is still risking his life by being in the center of the battlefield, he still manages to find a new partner to lean on temporarily and with which it has an excellent affinity, obtaining unexpected support.

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