My Hero Academia 275: death chases the protagonists, who will save themselves from Shigaraki?

The protagonists of My Hero Academia they now seem to be grappling with their biggest enemy. The destruction generated in the previous chapters of the manga has in fact left no room for other choices for Horikoshi and the final clash of My Hero Academia may be upon us.

To get to that point it is obviously necessary that Izuku Midoriya and Tomura Shigaraki meet on the battlefield. Protagonist and antagonist of My Hero Academia until the end of chapter 274 they were very close, a few hundred meters away, but they were not yet in contact. However, Deku's choice to act as a bait inevitably brought them into close contact.

Tomura Shigaraki has now learned to take advantage of All for One sufficientlydespite being in possession of it for a very short time. Thanks to the regeneration he manages not to suffer from the attacks of Endeavor while with the search quirk and that of the air waves he can easily move on the battlefield to reach his goal.

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The Shigaraki's overpowering materializes just when he arrives near Deku: the protagonist of My Hero Academia must recognize that the villain is now the very image of death and his murderous instinct is capable of projecting the end of Bakugo and Midoriya. Obviously to beat Shigaraki now it will be necessary the intervention of all the heroes, especially Eraserhead. In fact, he, in the end, manages to momentarily block the villain's quirks. We will have to wait two weeks to find out how it will go as My Hero Academia will be on hiatus in the next issue of Weekly Shonen Jump.


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