My Hero Academia 274: the truth is about to surface, what consequences will there be?

One of the beginning diktats My Hero Academia was to never reveal to anyone the nature of the power All Might would transfer to Izuku Midoriya. The mysterious but powerful One for All, source of the immense strength of the one who has long been the number one hero of Japan. But over time, things did not go as expected.

At first Deku tried to talk about One for All in Bakugo, to be then misunderstood by the boy but scolded by All Might. Later, during the temporary license period of My Hero Academia and after an intense battle, Deku revealed everything in Bakugo with the help of Toshinori Yagi. From that moment I am increase people aware of One for All.

However, chapter 274 of My Hero Academia seems to have laid the foundations for further expansion of this group of people. Shigaraki has in fact mentioned, near Endeavor, that he is looking for the One for All. The flaming hero of course did not immediately understand what this meant but Deku must intervene via radio to let everyone know that Shigaraki is looking for him. From the rear, Todoroki also seems curious and interested in the situation. Father and son will be the next to come to knowledge of the secret of One for All and Izuku?

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