My Hero Academia 274: an exceptional tag team prepares to face Shigaraki

The battle of the Pro Heroes is not having the desired effects so far. To stop Tomura Shigaraki and his new army, the professionals of My Hero Academia they ran for cover and drew every single person available. Now, however, the moment of the most difficult confrontations of the narrative arc seems to have come.

In My Hero Academia, Shigaraki has definitively awakened and, after recalling Gigantomachia and the rest of the Villain Union, he took a look at the vials of Overhaul serum proving to have another trump card. Luckily he didn't have time to use them as Endeavor made a great career starting a fight with him.

During the battle, in which Shigaraki shows off his new powers, the enemy also mentions One for All. This alarms Endeavor which warns everyone of Shigaraki's new target and this can only trigger an important reaction in Deku and Bakugo. The boy protagonist of My Hero Academia realizes that he has to deal with the situation himself and throws himself towards the leader of the bad guys, warning that he is the target. Bakugo will also be at his side who decided to intervene to defeat Shigaraki once and for all.

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The only time the two had fought together was during the exam in which they faced All Might, but from that period of water under the bridges it passed: Deku has grown stronger, Bakugo more mature. Will there be the expected clash between One for All and All for One?


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