My Hero Academia 274: a stolen quirk makes its unexpected return

The enemy of One for All, born by chance, has always been All for One. The evil villain who terrified the company of My Hero Academia for years has been put out of the game by All Might for a long period of time. The villain, however, managed briefly to show us concretely what the abilities of his power were, including stealing other quirks.

This was exploited by the evil mind for steal the Ragdoll quirk, research, which he said was quite interesting and unique, as well as being useful for Tomura Shigaraki. After a long time since that event that triggered a series of important events in the world of My Hero Academia, we see just this quirk in action.

In My Hero Academia 274 let's see Ragdoll of the Wild Wild Pussycats, forced to the office job. In parallel, on the battlefield, Tomura Shigaraki has shown that with the absorption of the power of All for One he also inherited the girl's "Search" quirk and immediately managed to exploit it despite having recently obtained it.

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Thanks to this he is ready to fulfill the desire of All for One, that is, to get your hands once and for all on One for All that has discovered to be right there nearby. Heading towards Deku, it is about to begin one of the most important encounters of My Hero Academia.


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