Mustard Oil Benefits for Nerves

Mustard Oil Benefits for Nerves

mustard oil helps to cure many chronic diseases. Mustard oil is much better than any other oils available in our markets .it can be mixed with tea, foods, drinks, etc…

The oil itself has medicinal properties it has various benefits for the whole body one of which is nerves.

what are nerves?

they(nerves) carry signals from the brain through the body to make muscles move and senses work .your heart beats fast when you’re nervous because your brain sends a “fight or flight” message. and this makes your heart beat faster.

Chronic diseases:

are not curable by allopathy but they can be cured using Ayurveda. which includes panchakarma which removes all types of disorders that are related to the body.

Mustard oil makes the brain healthy:

mustard oil has some components which cure nerve problems, they nourish your nerves and give strength to them, this is why mustard oil cures many diseases which are related to the nervous system. it is known that lack of vitamin B12 can cause damage to the nervous system, and mustard oil contains Vitamin b12 so it is highly recommended for people who suffer from nervous system disorders.

which diseases are cured by mustard oil?

people who have thyroid problems cannot get pregnant due to a lack of hormones, these people use peppermint tea mixed with honey but it works better if they add 1 tablespoon of mustard oil. if you mix 2 teaspoons sesame seeds with a bottle of mustard oil and mix it well then after one week squeeze out this mixture to get medicine which will be very effective for nervous system disorders.

you can use this medicine 3 times daily before meals.

try this method you will not be disappointed.

if you take one teaspoon of lukewarm mustard oil every day regularly, it works wonders for nerves, brain function improves greatly.

if you have any neurological problems include mustard oil in your food recipes preferably early morning to cure these conditions.

Why is black pepper powder added with honey?-because honey alone cannot cure all diseases as some bitter principles are also present in the honey so adding black pepper powder removes those bitter principles from it and makes it more effective .many people eat 2 spoons of honey daily for cough, black pepper powder also helps to cure bronchitis.

mustard oil is good for tiredness:-if you feel exhausted due to overwork then you should rub some mustard oil on your body before sleeping .it will give you makes the whole nervous system healthy and thus your senses work properly.

if you suffer from hearing problems or earache take some mustard oil in the form of warm water and put it in the ears, after some time it cures these symptoms too.

if there are any wounds inside your nose apply 1/4 teaspoon of mustard oil to get rid of swelling edges that occur due to infection in that part of the body.

Other diseases which can be cured by using mustard oil:

migraine, chronic cough, cholecystitis(inflammation of gall bladder), body pain and all diseases which we mentioned above can be cured by using mustard oil.

People who serve as pilots or drivers in factories etc..or those who work in any kind of heavy machinery should use mustard oil regularly to avoid problems related to the nervous system .they suffer from many symptoms due to overwork so they must include this medicine in their daily diet.

Benefits of mustard oil massage:

1) cures dry skin:-

Mustard oil is one of the best oils for your face to get rid of dryness, flakiness, and dullness. So this winter goes for homemade beauty remedies that include mustard oil in them. It will naturally moisturize your skin leaving it soft, smooth, and supple.

2) reduces inflammation & swelling:-

Massaging with mustard oil gives you relief from pain caused by arthritis, rheumatism, gout, etc… It has anti-inflammatory properties which reduce swelling in joints due to arthritis or overworked muscles easing stiffness and pain.

3) treats acne problems:- Mustard essential oil is rich in sulfur content which is good for treating acne on the face and body as well as pimples.

4) stimulates hair growth:- Mustard oil is also used for treating dry and rough hair leaving it shining. It has anti-bacterial properties which kill germs on the scalp preventing dandruff, lice, etc…

5) prevents premature greying of hair:- Sulfur present in mustard oil nourishes your hair by improving blood circulation, repairing cell damage giving you a shiny black head full of life.

6) Prevents breakage of nails & hairs:- Mustard essential oil can be applied topically to control excessive nail & facial hair growth as well as hindering their further growth due to its anti-anabolic effects on cells.

7) beneficial for sinuses:- Applying mustard oil around ears helps relieve headaches, colds, sinusitis, and ear infections.

8) destroys bacteria & germs:- Mustard oil disinfects the body by destroying harmful microbes on the skin caused due to cuts, wounds, insect bites, etc… It also protects from various kinds of bacterial infections.

9) Massages with mustard oil relieve fatigue & enhance circulation:- Massaging your tired muscles with mustard oil will not only relax them but will also improve blood circulation in that particular area for a better supply of oxygen and nutrients resulting in instant relief from pain and soreness…

10)protects against cancer:- Anti-carcinogenic properties present in mustard oil have been found to possess anti-tumor effects.

11)Anti-inflammatory agent:- It is used to promote blood circulation, reduce inflammation and cure various skin problems.

12)skin softener:- Mustard oil contains glycolic acid that helps exfoliate dead cells from the surface of your skin resulting in smooth, shiny & healthy-looking skin.

13)cooling:- It acts as a good pain reliever for muscle spasms due to its cooling effects on body parts like the eyes which relaxes you by reducing their inflammation.

14)Helps you lose weight –  Mustard oil consists of dietary fiber that helps speed up the metabolism process helping you burn more calories faster enabling you to attain that slim fit body.

Mustard oil for pain: 

If you have a headache or chronic pain, just apply a few drops of mustard essential oil on the affected area and massage it gently, this will give you instant relief.

Mustard oil for hair:

Due to its anti-bacterial properties, the mustard essential oil is excellent for fighting scalp infections like dandruff, lice, etc… It stimulates new growth in your hair by improving circulation resulting in soft, shiny & healthy-looking hairs. It can be used both directly and diluted with other carrier oils like coconut oil or olive oil.

mustard oil for acne:

If you have acne problems on your face, massage it with mustard essential oil to get relief from pain, swelling, and redness. It has antiseptic properties which cure infection caused by acne leaving your skin smooth & glowing.

Mustard Oil for Skin:

Massaging your body parts like legs, hands & arms with warm mustard oil at bedtime is known to reduce puffy skin and improve blood circulation benefiting you with younger-looking skin. It also helps in clearing up pimples, acne marks, and dark spots helping you attain that even-toned complexion.

Mustard oil for liver:

It is used to soothe the liver by relieving pain & inflammation, thus preventing hepatic disorders. It also protects the liver from various kinds of infections.

Mustard oil for the burn:

Mustard oil contains analgesic properties that inhibit nerve conduction, thereby relieving you from pain, burning & stinging sensations caused due to burn injuries. It also reduces the risk of scars developing on your skin by supplying necessary nutrients when applied topically.

Mustard Oil For Arthritis:

Massaging painful areas with mustard essential oil will not only relieve you from arthritis but will also speed up blood circulation in your muscles thus providing instant relief from pain & inflammation. It is known to reduce fluid retention helping you get rid of swollen joints and ankles.

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