Mulan's film shows its characters in new promotional posters

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We have already seen the final trailer of Mulan, the new real action movie of Disney Based on the classic animation. This new adaptation will hit theaters on March 27th, so it is already preparing its promotional campaasapland for the impending premiere.

Now, Disney has shown six new images of its main characters, including the Mulan of Yifei Liu and the Emperor of Jet Li. Donnie Yen also appears as Commander Tung, Yoson An as Cheng Honghui and Gong Li and Jason Scott Lee as villains Xianniang and Böri Khan. In addition, some official images of the film are also shown!

The images show each of its main characters with great quality. In addition, it shows us some scenarios that anticipate all the realism that we will see in Mulan.

Mulan It is one of the premieres that you can not miss in 2020. This new adaptation of the Disney classic was a success at the time and still remains in the memory of those who saw it.

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We recently learned that Mulan's action movie would not feature musical scenes or the appearance of Mushu, the iconic dragon that was dubbed by Jose Mota in its Spanish version.

Mulan will once again shed his armor to combat the threat looming over China and show the world its value as a warrior. Your trip will be full of action, epic battles and a lot of narrative potential.

Their first two trailers are already available and they show everything Disney has prepared for us in this new Mulan adaptation. It will be on March 27 of this year when the Chinese warrior wakes up to draw her sword and face an enemy she never dreamed of confronting.

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