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Much more than a competitor of Big Brother Vip, Barbara Alberti is the grandmother we would all like to have

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Barbara Alberti it is the true revelation of this Big Brother Vip capable of bringing together young and old thanks to his overwhelming irony, an intelligence never ostentatious and a great desire to live, despite his 76 years old of age.

Who is Barbara Alberti?

Born in Umbertide, in the province of Perugia, theApril 11, 1943Alberti has a degree in philosophy and is married to the producer Amedeo Pagani (from whom he had two children: Malcom and Gloria Samuela) and is a well-known and highly appreciated Writer, Journalist (very active for women's rights), radio host, television celebrity (was among competitors of Celebrity MasterChef Italia 2) is writer. His literary debut dates back to 1976 with the book Evil memories, thanks to which Barbara's career began, making her not only a solid point of contemporary Italian literature, but also a great love expert thanks to the numerous women's headings cured over the years.

Thanks to her volcanic flair and great dynamism, the 76 year old from Perugia has also worked in the world of cinema, where she was screenwriter of movie then become real cult such as: I'm with the hippos, Stronger, guys, Monella and the rough Melissa P, taken from the super hot book 100 Brush Strokes. And who would have expected it? In fact, Barbara Alberti was not afraid to speak openly about sex was also understood during this Big Brother, where he has already covered the topic on several occasions and without too many turns of words or taboos. How can we forget his mythical phrase “Today, when you wanted to force me out of the sink, it was like breaking a fuck": Direct and incisive, dry and effective, just like Barbara is.

Barbara Alberti, the revelation of Big Brother Vip

Become very popular thanks to the role of television commentator (surely you have seen it in the programs of Piero Chiambretti), Alberti stood out not only for its wit, charisma and pungent jokes, but also for its decidedly retro look in the style of Lucia Mondella de The Betrothed, but in the 'over 70' version (said with the utmost sympathy, of course). With his hair silver always well collected and with those long and austere clothes, at the first impression Alberti it might even inspire a little fear. At the first impression. But who said that this is bad? Finding a woman so combative and fierce to Big Brother Vip is a cure-all for the soul that makes us love her even more!

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When Alberti's name was included in the list of competitors who would take part in the Big Brother 2020 many have turned up their noses, thinking that the writer would have been a bit out of context in one Reality show easygoing, young and popular national like the GF: "But how, Alberti? What does one go like this in such a program?”, Many wondered. But if the premises gave it as a true outsider of the reality show of Canale 5 conducted by Alfonso Signorini, as a matter of fact, as soon as the 76-year-old writer entered the most spied house in Italy everything changed and what many had labeled as a sort of version 2.0 of Miss Rottenmeier (but with a decidedly more disturbing air) turned into that piece of bread from Heidi's Grandfather: apparently grumpy, but with a big heart like that.

The Barbara Alberti that we discovered during these first days of Big Brother Vip Yes, it is the strong and stubborn woman that we all imagined, but also a sensitive and good person to whom we can rely on in moments of despair and weakness. A real safe harbor where you can moor when the sea is stormy and the road is now lost. It is no coincidence therefore that the VIPs of the house of the Big Brother they immediately elected her as 'the grandmother of all', or a person with whom to confide and, above all, to whom to trust to receive a dispassionate advice, a good word or a sincere hug and who 'tastes like home'.

Who wouldn't want one grandmother as strong and vigorous as Barbara Alberti?

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