Ms. Marvel, an actress rejected at the casting has released some pages of the script!

In most of the success stories, you know, for someone who wins there are many who lose: a story that obviously repeated itself even at the casting of Ms. Marvel, which saw the production prefer the young Iman Vellani to many other competitors for the role of the protagonist.

A casting for Marvel is, however, beyond the result, an experience to tell and to treasure: so did one of the pretenders to the role of Kamala Khan, who after the announcement of the name of the protagonist of Ms. Marvel wanted to reveal to her followers that she had presented herself to the auditions for the Disney + show.

A story that, however, was received by social media with a certain skepticism: to prove the veracity of her words, therefore, the girl has seen fit to post the scanned pages of the script by Ms. Marvel sent to her by the production specifically for the audition … With a confidentiality agreement signed by the young actress!

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Accounts and photos were immediately deleted and, on the other hand, it is not certain that the script used for the audition will actually be integrated into the final script … But what is certain is that ours risked get yourself in big trouble! On the internet, meanwhile, the sensational gaffe has already become the object of ridicule. Returning to us, however, it seems that even the creator of Ms. Marvel has praised the choice of Iman Vellani as the protagonist of the series.


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