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MS band dedicates acoustic concert to fans quarantined by coronavirus

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Mazatlan Sinaloa.- From the house of Alan Ramírez, vocalist of Banda MS, a broadcast called #Quedateencasa was held the afternoon of this Wednesday, March 25, in which the vocalists of the award-winning Sinaloan group gathered to offer a pleasant afternoon-night of Bohemia .

The transmission was devised with the aim of providing its audience with a moment of relaxation, music and good conversation in these moments, in which the preventive quarantine is lived in the face of the health situations caused by the Covid-19 in the world.

With preventive measures

At 6:00 p.m. Alan started the connection on the band's fanpage from the hall of his home. The singer welcomed and explained the preventive measures he is taking at home such as the use of antibacterial gel, staying at home and more, later he received Oswaldo 'Walo' Silvas and Gerson Leos (who accompanied them on the piano during the acoustic ).

Skipping the handshake and applying antibacterial gel, they set out to stand by the piano.

Walo 'thanked the media, including the newspaper EL DEBATE, El Gordo and la Flaca, Un nuevo día, Al rojo vivo, Suelta la Sopa and more, who were on the lookout for the broadcast to ask some questions that they answered during the 43 minutes they were linked.

Alán answered EL DEBATE's question about how the health emergency as a group has affected them.

"What we are going through right now with the Coronavirus has affected all the gangs a lot, because all the events have been postponed, they were not canceled, they are being postponed, they are checking dates to give it forward, hopefully in God that it will be soon, that all this virus will pass soon so that we can be with all of you at the events in your city, singing and dancing.

While we here at home we want to dedicate some little songs for you to enjoy us, so that you don't miss us, so that you have a good time.

I know that there are six to seven days that we have been locked in quarantine, blessed the technology we want that they are watching us, that they desestinate and that they leave the routine of watching TV and eating, and that these minutes are dedicated to us because we are going to pass to everything to give ”, commented Ramírez who gave rise to the first musical intervention What we were at the request of the interpublic.

Greetings to the followers who connected were also part of bohemia.

Walo said they are praying that what is happening will soon end.

If you had heard me, the tune at the pleasure of the pianist who accompanied the vocalists this afternoon was the second to be performed, the more they connected to the transmission to request greetings and the songs that they like the most from the group that this April would be at the Coachella international festival, which also suspended their activities.

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From there it was Walo's turn to put his voice in the intense lyrics of Upon awakening, from there followed I did not choose to meet you, Beautiful experience and Who loses more.

At this point more than 11 thousand people followed the transmission. Among the comments to which Walo read came one that asked for a greeting for someone who is suffering from Covid-19, to which the artist gladly sent the greeting and indicated that he has faith that the people who are going through the condition will improve soon, he wished them to recover soon and get ahead.

He invited to be well informed, to understand what this virus means, not to be guided by anything that is read on social networks, but to be well documented, not to panic.

Express love and The color of your eyes, the latter one of the most requested by Internet users, was finally interpreted.

Homage to the Prince of song

The moment to pay tribute to one of the great voices of the country came with La nave del olvido, a melody that became famous in the voice of the Prince of the song, José José, was now sung by Oswaldo Silvas, who confessed that since November 2019 He did not interpret it, so he presented it at the Radio Awards gala

In the final stretch of the transmission, a piece was re-taken that has been one of the most awarded in the group led by Sergio Lizárraga, My reason for being. At the end of the song, those who stayed connected during the almost 43 minutes they interacted were thanked and they anticipated that they will seek to do more things in the coming days.

"In one way or another we have to take advantage of the internet, social networks and platforms to reach their homes. I really appreciate the people who took the time to watch this broadcast, tell them that maybe these are difficult times, but they are not times to panic or hysteria, but to reflect, to look for the positive in all this that is happening, because everything has a positive side.

I think that many people are going to find things that we have not found for a long time and we are going to start spending time on things that we were forgetting, perhaps for daily life, for running, for the hustle and bustle and I see that this After all, it is going to come to bring something positive in our lives, it must bring it and a big hug for everyone ”, Silvas concluded.

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