Movistar's black comedy turns ridicule into a hilarious thriller.

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For two seasons we have accompanied Jesús Gutiérrez until lowest of the human being. And so far things were over, in short, more or less good for our (anti) hero. Well, things will begin to change in the very fun season 3 of 'Vergüenza', one of our most refreshing current references on national television.

National shame

With an adopted son (Yusuf), a newborn baby and the usual problems of any average Spanish, Jesus will fall even lower than usual when he loses the papers with Yusuf in front of all of Spain. What used to be ridiculous in petit committee have now become a huge stumbling block that will turn it into the most hated man in Spain. Jesus is inevitably the national shame. But it will not be the only misfortune that accompanies the fabulous, excessive and always content character whom Javier Gutiérrez has made his own from the first moment.

The creation of Álvaro Fernández-Armero and Juan Cavestany becomes this third installment in an unexpected thriller thanks to a mystery that is built by force of low blow and lack of morals. But what the hell, how we like to enjoy the misfortunes of others, truth? And if not, ask the rest of the characters that surround this photographer's daily life in low hours. Malena Alterio, Yannick Nguenkam, Vito Sanz or Miguel Rellán are another guarantee sign.

Criticism Shame Season 3-2

Being frank, maybe in this new season his writers have also wanted to point out the rest of ordinary citizens and not just poor Gutierrez. Are we trained to pass judgment on our fellow citizens? Who are we to judge others? It's not that the series focuses its efforts on it, but it is intuited certain social resentment with the moment that we have to live.

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The third time lucky

Fernández-Armero said that they were waiting for the reception of this new season, something logical provided that a creator (in this case with his inseparable Cavestany) presents a new work. This time they have not simply repeated the previous scheme. What they have done this time is to take all the pieces of the board and make the most unpredictable movements. And that is something that is appreciated, because not only the essence of 'Shame' is not lost, it is also that the series is reinforced.

Shame T03

In less than what a movie of today lasts, the third season consists of half a dozen episodes of just 25 minutes. That is, the new season of 'Shame' lasts half an hour less than 'Avengers: Endgame', which is said soon. This format remains most grateful to a series that lends itself so much to pills, either because of its precision or because of the discomfort it causes, something that, moreover, has been able to carry as a flag from the first minute of its existence.

'Shame' expands, becomes more coral and the tentacles of ridicule are more elongated never. The participation of all men and women of good will (if there is someone like that) becomes indispensable in a third season that, hopefully, serves as a prelude to what could be the most inconceivable moment in the head of its protagonist. Of course, inside you go to know how to interpret this fanfare.

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