Movie premieres: robots of the future, traumas of the past and creatures of space

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This week It’s time to advance the billboard releases, which means that we have 24 extra hours to enjoy some novelties that bring under the arm two of the bombings of the season: the new installment of the 'Terminator' saga – direct continuation of 'Terminator 2' – and the expected sequel to 'The Shining' directed by Mike Flanagan.

In addition, the last of those responsible for 'Loreak' and 'Handia', the delicious new adventure clay-motion from the Shaun sheep and family proposals for all tastes to enjoy on Halloween, the night of the dead, the castanyada, or whatever you celebrate.

'Terminator: Dark Fate' ('Terminator: Dark Fate', 2019)

In favor: Seeing to distribute tow to Mackenzie Davis is a real wonder; Probably the best of the movie. Some setpieces they are well designed enough to stimulate – in moderation – the faithful of the action. Its production design, in general terms, lives up to the circumstances.

Against: His narrative, repetitive, decaffeinated and routine is a shot in the foot and makes 'Dark Destiny' seem much longer than it really is. In terms of direction, it is flat and very uninspired, especially in the most leisurely moments of the story. The script tricks to rescue the T-800 and Sarah Connor are somewhat embarrassing.

Criticism in Espinof: 'Terminator: Dark Destiny': an entertaining sequel that doesn't risk and recovers the best of the saga

'Doctor Dream' ('Doctor Sleep', 2019)

In favor: The way Mike Flanagan manages to merge the best of Stephen King and Stanley Kubrick from 'The Shining' into a most elegant horror exercise in a single feature film – the absence of jumpscares It is commendable – directed to the wonders, exciting and with a spectacular cast in which Rebecca Ferguson gives us an anthological villain who does not have to envy the Randall Flagg of 'Apocalypse'.

Against: Little can be put in the face of what is undoubtedly one of the horror movies of the year. Not even his two and a half hours of footage are a stick in the wheel that prevents him from enjoying it fully.

Criticism in Espinof: 'Doctor Dream': a remarkable sequel that shines brighter when it moves away from 'The Shining'

'The Infinite Trench' (2019)

In favor: Directed with six hands by those responsible for titles such as 'Handia' and 'Loreak', starring two beasts such as Antonio de la Torre and Belén Cuesta and winner of four awards – among which are the best and best direction script— at the San Sebastian Festival, 'La trenche infinita' is one of the Spanish films of the year.

Against: In comparison with the works mentioned above, 'The infinite trench' may be more conventional and narrative, which could be somewhat disappointing for some viewers.

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'The sheep Shaun. The movie: Granjaguedón '(' Farmageddon ', 2019)

In favor: Aardman Animation has returned in style after the slight downturn of quality that he experienced in 'Caveman', and he does it with a new adventure of the Shaun Sheep with all the formal and narrative magic to which they have accustomed us. A real delight for both the little ones in the house and for adults wanting to see great cinema.

Against: Little can be thrown in the face of a production like this. You just need to sit in front of her free from prejudice and want to enjoy.

Criticism in Espinof: 'Shaun the sheep. The film: Granjaguedón ', a hilarious sequel at the height of the best works of Aardman


'The Rodriguez and the hereafter' (2019)

The Spanish family cinema has its representation within the premieres of this week with 'Los Rodríguez and el beyond'; Paco Arango's new movie.

'Sorry We Missed You' (2019)

Ken Loach returns to the fray with a new social drama that has won the audience's award and recognition for the best European film in the last edition of the San Sebastian Festival.

'Without filter' ('Chamboultout', 2019)

From France, Eric Lavaine brings us a dose of feel good movie with this comedy with disability as a backdrop.

'The Legend of Klaus' (2019)

The Christmas campaign is advancing – perhaps more than due – with this animated production for the smallest of the house, which lands in theaters before its debut on Netflix.

The Espinof team recommendations

Jorge Loser: 'Doctor Dream'. A model adaptation of the novel with which Stephen King continued 'The Shining'. With some concessions to the work of Stanley Kubrick, the director, Mike Flanagan focuses on telling a new and original story that tries to reconcile the writer and the first adaptation of the novel with a beautiful treatise on death that also serves as an amazing adventure of fresh, elegant and superb psychic terror in many of its sequences.

Mikel Zorrilla: 'Terminator: Dark Destination' because he knows how to take what worked in the first two installments, especially in The Last Judgment, to reset the franchise and give us an entertaining movie. It is true that he risks virtually nothing and that is going to be his downfall in the eyes of many, but what he does does quite well. Take advantage of nostalgia, recover the fun for adults and make clear once again the importance of Linda Hamilton in the franchise.

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