Mourning in the world of anime: Kamachi Ai, composer of Clannad and Angel Beats, leaves us

The musician Tatsuo "Nagie" Nagami, member of the musical duo ANANT-GARDE EYES, recently posted a Twitter post to remember his partner Kamachi Aisadly disappeared on May 30th. The news was kept hidden until yesterday, June 8, 2020, the date on which the family decided to publicly announce the death.

Daughter of a well-known jazz pianist, Kamachi completed her studies at Kunitachi College of Music in Tachikawa, a conurbated city in Tokyo, Japan. The girl became a composer working under the tutelage of the master Toshi Ichiyanagi, Japanese composer and pianist also famous for his relationship with Yoko Ono.

During her short career the girl composed the music of Clannad: After Story, Charlotte and Angel Beats! and was considered by many to be one of the most promising figures in the Japanese music industry. The causes of death are still unknown, although some corridor rumors speak of a brain aneurysm. The composer was 48 years old.

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2020 therefore brings with it another great talent, after George Akiyama and Satoshi Kon. In case you want to listen to Kamachi Ai's compositions once again, we remind you that Angel Beats! is still available on Netflix.


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