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The platforms of streaming They have become excellent allies. How much of our leisure do we spend watching chapter after chapter of a series? We would be surprised by the number. As we are about to close the year, we are going to look back (televisingly speaking) to see those series that have stolen the most time in the world. Yes, here you have the 20 series of platforms streaming what else they had in 2019 (with a premiere prior to December, because if not, the great success of these days, 'The Witcher', would have entered safely in the top 5) according to the data of the American audience meter TV Time collected by Forbes.

We already advance that there are two Spanish titles and that for Netflix It has been a round year. It is also striking that titles we hoped would dominate audiences, such as 'Game of Thrones' or 'The Crown', They have stayed out of the Top 20.

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'Stranger Things'

Little presentation requires this Netflix series. With three seasons behind him, since his debut he became a must to see. Now, we are all looking forward to the fourth season of 'Stranger Things'.


'For 13 reasons'

With controversy served, 'For 13 reasons' occupies the third position of most viewed series this 2019. Netflix fiction will say goodbye this 2020 with a fourth, and last, season.


'The Paper House'

The Spanish series takes fourth place in the most watched series. 'La Casa de Papel' won the audience since its first season, and everything points to a long way to go.


'Orange is the new black'

Jail is another of Netflix's great winners. Although this year the seventh season was broadcast, which served to close its story forever), 'Orange is the new black' will always be one of the most recognizable titles on the platform.


'The Maid's Tale'

It is 'The Maid's Tale' the only series in this entire ranking that does not belong to Netflix. The production of HULU and that in Spain is transmitted through HBO Spain occupies the sixth place in hearings.



Although it only has one season (for the moment, as the second installment arrives on December 26), 'You' has conquered Netflix fans with this story told with a voice over which was the lead of 'Gossip Girl'.


'The chilling adventures of Sabrina'

The modern witch who has been on Netflix for two seasons now occupies the 10th place in this list.


'The Umbrella Academy'


'Black Mirror'

It is already a classic. This anthology where each chapter presents a different reality, although always related to the dangers of technology, social networks and artificial intelligence continues to gain followers every year that passes. And this 2019 it was the fifth season, with Miley Cyrus included (something that certainly aroused more audiences).



Although its history has not been very loud, it is 'Dark' one of the great premieres of 2019. Halfway between 'Stranger Things' and 'Mindhunter', this German series has conquered anyone who has dared to play of the first episode


'The Punisher'

That Netflix decided to cancel 'The Punisher' was a blow for his followers, who are many, since he is in the 14th position of the most followed.



This series that tells the life and experiences of a teenager with autism spectrum disorder is another of Netflix's greatest successes.


'Love Death and Robots'

With only one season behind it, this animated series for adults where science fiction, fantasy, horror and comedy has been the delight of many Netflix subscribers.



Another of the great bombings of this year. The series that has shown us the most famous criminal minds of the twentieth century has become one of Netflix's big blockbusters, thanks especially to the arrival of the second season in 2019 (as the series had been available since 2017). What will the third season hold for us?


'Jessica Jones'

We are reaching the end of this list. Another Marvel TV series, 'Jessica Jones' is ranked 18th of the most watched. However, like his compi 'The Punisher', he saw how this 2019 letter arrived from him no renewal (as with other 24 series).

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