Monster Hunter World Iceborne: all the news of Update 4 with Alatreon in a video

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With the publication of the notes of Monster Hunter World Iceborne's Update 4 with Alatreon, Capcom outlines the complete picture of the free content arriving on PC, PS4 and Xbox One in the fantasy dimension of the blockbuster action role.

The update that will bring Monster Hunter World Iceborne to version 14.00 will be available from July 9 and will require the download of a mandatory update with about 1.2 GB of data to be installed on disk.

The patch in question will be accompanied by the arrival of the frightening Alatreon, but only after completing the story of Iceborne and having completed the reconnaissance assignment of the Safi'jiiva. Always with theUpdate 4 of MHW Iceborne we will witness the entrance of the Barioth Assiderato as an arch-tempered monster to face in event missions for a limited period of time.

As for the new gameplay, we point out the addition of new merging options to get some unusual traces analyzed, the possibility of positioning new furnishings and reproducing new tracks in Seliana 's lodgings, the introduction of new pendants and a redesign of the Team Card.

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No less important will be the interventions made by the Japanese authors to improve the gaming experience: among these, we mention the increase in number of screaming pods obtained when combining screaming bags, the addition of Amulets Unlined III, Fenice III and Tonic V, the adjustment of the steam plant's prize objects received at the end of the minigame and the display of theRiding icon even while at the base.

Because of Coronavirus pandemic and the need to use remote work to complete the development of this update, Capcom points out that some contents of this update will present some dialogues with limited dubbing.

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