Millie Bobby Brown, Stranger Things Star Dream: “Playing Amy Winehouse”

Looking forward to the fourth season of Stranger Things, fans of the very young Millie Bobby Brown can see her in Enola Holmes, a film that is enjoying huge success on Netflix. But what are the next projects for the actress who achieved fame with the character of Eleven?

Considering her talent and her ability to pierce the screen, it’s not hard to envision a great Hollywood career for Millie Bobby Brown, who seems to already have quite clear ideas about the roles she would like to play.

In a recent interview for Netflix Latinoamérica, in fact, she was asked which one historical figure would like to be in the cinema or on TV. “I wouldn’t call it historical” he answered, “but I’d like to play Amy Winehouse. Personally I consider her an icon of R&B, of the blues and basically of all musical culture. I love his music and I was really impressed with her story, so I’d love to play it. “

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Last year, after all, Millie Bobby Brown had expressed her admiration for the singer who tragically died in 2011: in an episode of the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon she had even performed an impressive cover of hers You Know I’m No Good.

A biopic about Amy Winehouse has been discussed for about two years, to whom the documentary was dedicated in 2015 Amy directed by Asif Kapadia (read our review here).

As for the upcoming season of Stranger Thingsinstead, David Harbor has promised Hopper a return to Gandalf.


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