'Midas Favorites': Mateo Gil and Luis Tosar will adapt a Jack London story for Netflix

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Luis Tosar will be the protagonist of 'Midas's Favorites', a 6-episode miniseries created by Mateo Gil. The thriller will start filming next week in Madrid and will last for 15 weeks.

A mystery story

Key in the beginnings of his partner Alejandro Amenábar, Mateo Gil debuted in the film twenty years ago with the nice and ambitious 'Nobody knows anyone', a thriller who preceded titles like 'The Da Vinci Code' and the like.

Based on the short story by Jack London 'The Minions of Midas' (published in 1901), and set in present-day Madrid, 'Los Midas Favorites' tells the story of a great businessman who suffers a strange blackmail: if he does not agree to pay a large sum of money, the so-called Midas Favorites they will kill a random person on the appointed date and they will add a new victim periodically until they achieve their goal. How many deaths will he be able to carry on his shoulders?

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Netflix continues betting on the national production, which has the role of Luis Tosar, three times Goya Award winner, its biggest attraction. Tosar will be accompanied by Marta Belmonte, Willy Toledo, Marta Milans, Carlos Blanco and Bea Segura, who complete the main cast.

Written by Mateo Gil and Miguel Barros, 'Midas' favorites' will be directed by Mateo Gil and Oskar Santos, with production of Nostromo Pictures, The series will be released worldwide throughout 2020.

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