Microsoft will show Xbox Series X games next week

Finally. We already have a specific date. A date to see, in-depth, the games of Xbox Series X. It will be through a direct that Microsoft has announced and which will take place next Thursday, May 7, 2020, starting at 5:00 p.m. (Spanish peninsular time).

Of course, from the hand of a new Inside Xbox that, most likely, will follow a format very similar to the previous ones. Anyway, beyond an official tweet posted on the Xbox account, not much more information has been given either. You can see it just below these lines.

In any case, in the announcement they promise to show gameplay of titles that we can play on Xbox Series X. And also, they refer to developers around the world. This makes us think that the event will be the first place where we will be able to see AAA games unannounced by third party companies.

In addition, the normal thing would also be that Microsoft itself shows for the first time its own projects that they have been developing in secret until today. All this without forgetting the possibility that Halo: Infinite is one of the great protagonists of the afternoon. Luckily, we will get out of doubts in just seven days. Although it is also important to mention that in some tweets only the third party theme has been specified.

As we are talking about next-generation titles, remember that the new Assassin’s Creed has recently been announced (and shown). His name is Valhalla and you can read all the details that are known about him here. Of course, it will be an intergenerational title. Although it would not be surprising that on PS5 and Xbox Series it provides incentives beyond the technical.


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