Microsoft to unveil ton of AAA games for Xbox Series X in July according to rumors

If you were disappointed in the Inside Xbox where Microsoft showed some of the first video games that will reach the catalog of Xbox Series X Perhaps you should look forward to the event they are preparing for July, as they would have even more heavy artillery than was originally assumed.

Shinobi602, head of communication at developer Wushu Studios and eventual insider, wanted to assure ResetEra that a ton of announcements awaits us and that Microsoft wants to make a splash with the July event.

The user already says they do not want to give specific details to avoid someone from creating wrong expectations and then feel disappointed if the video game they were expecting is not announced. “The idea has always been, basically, to put all the cards on the table from the first parties and hit hard. There are a ton of things to be excited about. Definitely big AAA announcements from Xbox Game Studios, another major from third parties (not necessarily exclusive). Something may change due to the COVID-19, but you can be sure that is the goal. I am personally excited by the presentation”

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The presentation should interest you even if you do not plan to take the generational leap first since Phil Spencer confirmed in his day that they will continue to support Xbox One during the first stages of the life of Xbox Series X, so there are chances that all or most of the games presented also have a version for the current console.

Microsoft currently has the console with a more gross power of the new generation and a collection of studies among which The Initiative stands out, the only one founded to get the most out of the new console and work on something groundbreaking, as well as Ninja Theory, inXile, Obsidian, Playground, Rare, Turn 10 and more. Not to forget licenses like Age of Empires and Minecraft, among some of the most powerful that, is part of the conglomerate.

Regarding the competition, it speaks of a presentation for June in which Sony would announce once and for all the design of the PS5 and a complete collection of games designed to attract new players to the next system.


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