Microsoft Flight Simulator: Xbox versions ‘will be amazing’, Microsoft promises

During an interview granted to GamingBolt, the lead developer of Microsoft Flight Simulator, Jorge Neumann, reiterated that the game and content experience of the title on Xbox One, Series X and S will be just as surprising as the current PC version.

Discussing the million Microsoft Flight Simulator players and of the success of the title, Neumann specified that “We are very confident that our simulator will be just as amazing on Xbox as it is on PC. Some things could be even better.”.

Without specifying what elements they might perform better on Xbox platforms, the Microsoft representative focuses on the optimizations that will involve the controls and declares that “Our intent is to offer an optimal experience to those who use the controller that you already have, we want to give the opportunity for players to enjoy an incredible experience regardless of whether they use a gamepad or a mouse and keyboard”.

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More information on Microsoft Flight Simulator content, improvements and legitimizations on Xbox will be shared by Neumann and Asobo studios close to the release of the title on Xbox One, Series X and S. In the meantime, we leave you to our PC review of Microsoft Flight Simulator.


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