Microsoft Flight Simulator will also receive Reggio Calabria airport

Only one day left until the launch of Microsoft Flight Simulator, set for tomorrow 18 August on PC, via Steam and Microsoft Store. Asobo Studio's work not only promises a high degree of photorealism, but also an exorbitant amount of content capable of keeping all aviation enthusiasts busy for a long time.

However, tomorrow's launch is only the beginning, as Microsoft Flight Simulator is set to expand further in the future, too thanks to the support of third-party developers. There are many realities around the world already working on new contents such as scenarios, airplanes and technologies. Among these are the Italian guys from Tailstrike, who through their Facebook page showed the first images of their work, namely theTito Minniti Airport of Reggio Calabria (LICR), also known as the Airport of the Strait. You can also admire them at the bottom of this news. Gaya Simulations, on the other hand, is working on the airports of Vianna and Kos, also visible in a series of images.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator, we remember, will be available for purchase from tomorrow 18 August on PC (via Steam and Microsoft Store) in three different digital editions (Standard, Deluxe and Premium) and a large physical edition of 10 discs. Thanks to the high number of pre-orders, the game has occupied the top positions of the Steam rankings for quite some time.


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