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 Michonne could have a place in a possible solo movie of The Walking Dead

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This last Sunday there was the last episode of the actress Danai Gurira in the series "The Walking Dead" after seven seasons and becoming Michonne the favorite character of many fans of the series, and in fact she carried part of the main charge of the series. However, this goodbye could become a see you later as the person in charge of content for the franchise Scott M. Gimple progresses.

We know that they are still working on those three films starring Rick Grimes, the character of Andrew Lincoln – although these are delaying a bit – and the possibility that Michonne would return for these or other possible films have been discussed since we know that the character was would go this season. The series' head of content has acknowledged that it is "fair" to assume that Danai Gurira could reappear as Michonne in one of the upcoming films, but he also suggested that he might receive his own story.



Is it fair to assume? It is definitely fair to assume that. There could even be a story of its own. Some of this has to do with the way we are playing with history right now. There is a whole new story line that opened with your departure. Angela [Kang] and I spoke very widely at the beginning of the season that with Michonne, who stopped and helped someone at Andrea, changed her life. We look at these stories like, ‘What was the point of your story? What was it about? ’ At the end of his journey, where he has these incredible clues about Rick and a direction to follow, he still stops to help someone. That is what it is and what it has become. Somehow, although he has a great story ahead, that completes his journey in ‘The Walking Dead’.

However, Scott M. Gimple added that at this point any plans they have for Michonne from Danai Gurira are just ambitions right now and nothing concrete has been established:

With movies, we definitely have plans. But even beyond current plans, I have some ambitions. I love her and Rick together, but I also like to see her as the pure lead by herself. It happens that there is a lot of history to cover. But you are right: they are ambitions. Right now, the plans have to do with the feature film.

As with Rick, Michonne's future in the series remains open, as they did not kill the character, but instead encountered a new group throughout their journey to find Rick, upon learning that he may have survived the explosion of the bridge with which they believed that he had died.

Via information | The Hollywood Reporter

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