Michael Jordan's impossible desire, his opinion on the documentary and the relationship with Carmen Electra: 8 phrases by Dennis Rodman

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Rodman rated the documentary as
Rodman called the documentary "sensational" (Shutterstock)

This week the program of the WGN Radio of Pete McMurray had as a luxury guest Dennis Rodmann, the most controversial member of the team of Chicago Bulls that dominated the NBA during the 90's. That team that marked an era returned to appear in all the portals of the world this year after the premiere of The Last Dance, the documentary available on Netflix that reviews those seasons.

Obviously, the center of the work is Michael Jordan, figure of that team and considered by several experts as the best basketball player of all time. Throughout 10 chapters it is reviewed not only his titles, but also the form of leadership that he had and that several of his colleagues described as aggressive: "A lot of players that Michael used to play with probably think he was pretentious and arrogant, I think they didn't understand what he was trying to do in that documentaryRodman said, calling the documentary "sensational."

The worm He defended his former partner whom he admires despite not having a friendly relationship: “Michael and I never had a deep conversation. In the documentary, Michael never said anything bad about me. I just think he had a lot of respect for me. I remember many times that Michael said to me nis Dennis, I would love to be you for 24 hours'"

It is that the personalities of both were very different. While the two were aiming to win NBA rings, off the field of play one was an example of effort and hard work in the eyes of the press and the public, while the other spent his nights in nightclubs and starring scandals with some celebrities of the time. That is why, faced with that desire, he replied: "You could if you weren't a commercial."

Rodman was one of the best defensive players of the time (AP)
Rodman was one of the best defensive players of the time (AP)

Rodman took advantage of the delay to remember that despite his controversial private life, he also did it from below: “I learned that hard work when I lived on the streets … I used to wash cars, I used to do dirty work, I used to work for the truck. cleaning, and this and that … Because everything I did, I wanted to do it the right way. And then when I went to Oklahoma, they taught me the values ​​of living and having a family and getting up in the morning at 5:30. "

Before joining the Chicago Bulls, he excelled in the Detroit Pistons between 1986 and 1993, during which time he was a two-time NBA champion and executioner of his future team. When hired by the franchise with which he would go down in history, the press was surprised since his personality could collide with that of several members of that campus, but he always knew that he would fit in thanks to the coach.

"Phil (Jackson) knew what I was like at the time because my life had changed a lot … and I think Phil knew how to train me and how to do it"Rodman said, recalling that the Pistons had beaten the Bulls on several occasions due to their performances and that it had caught the attention of their rivals and then hired him.

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Dennis Rodman played for the Bulls between three seasons and was NBA champion in all three.
Dennis Rodman played for the Bulls between three seasons and was NBA champion in all three.

On the other hand, the 59-year-old former basketball player claimed his former teammate Scottie Pippen, who had one of the lowest salaries despite his great performance and who lived for years in the shadow of Jordan: “People don't realize that he did so much for Chicago. Why for a year and a half Scottie Pippen was the best player in the world to me He revealed. "When Michael left, he was the best player."

“For me, they were the best players. I think Scottie Pippen is the best defensive player, then Michael, then me", remarked.

What happens many times is that the offensive performance of those Bulls who won six NBA rings is remembered, but Rodman was in charge of remembering the other facet of the game: “We had the three best defensive players at the time. But I think Scottie's full game was one of the best in that period in the 90's. I think his game was the best of all time for me. "

Rodman with Carmen Electra at during an event in Canada in 1998 (Shutterstock)
Rodman with Carmen Electra at during an event in Canada in 1998 (Shutterstock)

In those years, The worm had a relationship with Carmen Electra, then famous actress who knew how to be part of the series Baywatch and who was also a model for the magazine Playboy. They got married in Las Vegas, participated in dozens of events during the time they were together, and even had sex at the Chicago training center.

"One day when the Bulls had a day off from practice, Dennis said he had a surprise for me.", Electra related in an interview with the newspaper Los Angeles Time.

Although it is believed that the courtship that was born in a nightclub and lasted a short time, Rodman surprised when commenting that they could come to relive it: “Actually we are still talking today, and when I return to Los Angeles, I think we will go out to lunch. Maybe we will analyze some things and maybe, who knows, something can come out of that because we have been talking about it for the last few months … who knows, maybe we'll get back together, who knows"


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