Mexico wants to repeat history and is excited about the semifinals of the U-17 World Cup

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The Mexican National Team U17 will return to the field this Sunday in Brazil, to measure its similar to South Korea in the quarterfinals of world of the specialty, instance that they have surpassed in 4 of the 5 occasions that have disputed it.

The picture of Marco Antonio ‘Chima’ Ruiz He was solid in the knockout stages against Japan, adding his third game in this tournament without receiving a goal, after which they also did not allow scores of Solomon Islands and Paraguay in the group stage.

South Korea It will be a rival similar to the Japanese, because the style of Asians is characterized by speed and long passes, looking for the rival goal without elaborating both their moves.

For the U17 Tri it is a new opportunity to show that the lower categories in Mexico have talent and are well-worked teams, remember that the country has Two titles in the category.

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