Metroid Fusion 2 and a new Paper Mario could reach Nintendo Switch in 2020

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At the moment it is only a rumor, but with a fairly respectable source, taking into account information leaked in the past. Specifically, we talked about the well-known Sabi filter, which ensures that a new Paper Mario and another 2D Metroid would arrive this year 2020, most likely to Nintendo Switch. And watch out, because the new Metroid could be neither more nor less than Metroid Fusion 2.

In fact, we talk about that exclusive GBA game that, in some way, was considered the fourth numbered game in the saga, after Super Metroid (from Super Nintendo). In addition, the possible arrival of a new Metroid in 2D, but this time for Nintendo Switch, would be a new example of portable-style games that now appear in the hybrid console instead of 3DS.

As for the new Paper Mario, there is talk of a game with the most classic style of the saga, which was born on Nintendo 64. That is, that the RPG elements would be more important, to the point that I could bet again for turn-based fighting. In any case, there is talk of a plot line between the first two installments of the franchise.

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On the other hand, all these rumors add to the one that talks about new ports of Wii U games for Nintendo Switch. In fact, it is rumored that Nintendo would be planning at least two new ports for this year 2020.

Finally, there is also talk of a new Switch model. And the leaks continue to highlight that this new revision could come out in mid-2020. In which case, we should not take too long to know the first official details from Nintendo.

What do you think of the rumor? Do you think it is valid considering the source? And in that case, are you excited about these games? Or would you prefer that Nintendo focus on recovering other franchises?

Sources: Gamingbolt / Twitter

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