Megalo Box 2: Nomad, the anime is inspired by the Sails of Scampia in the second episode

Junk Dog is grappling with new challenges. The fighter who participates in the clashes of Megalo Boxing, an evolution of boxing with the participants who however wear special prostheses that make the attacks much more powerful and therefore lethal. After the first season of Megalo Box, Joe has decided to change the environment.

As is well known, the future described by Megalo Box sees the rich society living in comfort and in a city full of events and comforts, while the poorest are forced into the degraded suburbs full of dilapidated buildings. Junk Dog lives in this area as well also wanders the suburbs in Megalo Box 2: Nomad, new season of the anime inspired by Rocky Joe and also available on VVVVID in simulcast.

In the second episode, entitled “Despair gives courage to cowards”, we observe once again the bleak and decaying scenarios where most of the characters of Megalo Box live. In a brief moment, in the second half of the episode, however, we see a gray building inspired by a local element. As can be seen in the photo below which compares the two buildings, in Megalo Box 2 one of Scampia’s Sails appears, buildings that for years have been a symbol of decay for Naples.

The Sails will shortly be pulled down for a redevelopment project, but their presence will still be remembered by souls as Megalo Box.

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