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Meet the beautiful daughter-in-law of Alejandro Fernández

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Alex Fernández seems to be just as in love as his father Alejandro Fernández because the boy who a few months ago launched himself as a singer and has had good acceptance by the public, but is already a busy man in the love field.

Proof of this is the love he feels for his girlfriend, who never reveals his name on Instagram, much less on his social networks, but apparently the couple and has been dating for nine years, making it clear that the young woman brings him crazy.

"I love this couple, blessings always!", "I hope you last a lifetime with her they make a very nice couple", "Seeing that photo reminds me of your parents", they write to Alex when they see them together.

As if that were not enough, on more than one occasion he has dedicated the best words of love to the girl who supports him in every possible way, because in some interviews the grandson of Vicente Fernández has said that his girlfriend has been a tremendous support for searching his place in the music industry.

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But that was not all the singer is so in love with his girlfriend that she could have been an important factor for him not to carry out his singing career, since there was a time when jealousy won over the dreams of both, but in the end things happened in the best way.

For his part, the father-in-law of the mysterious young woman seems to get along with her, as some photos of both reveal that there is a good relationship between them.

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