Maximum caution of Rafa Nadal: "Yesterday I took very slowly"

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The Spanish Rafael Nadal ruled out thinking about the Davis cup still and explained that he hopes to be ready for both ATP London Finals as for the Madrid event that will begin on November 18.

In statements to the Spanish media displaced to the Masters Cup, the world number one detailed his physical condition three days after his debut in the tournament, after having had to retire in Paris-Bercy by a small abdominal distension.

'We know that it is not a serious problem. The images give me the possibility of being here, then you have to see how everything evolves, doing things in the most prudent way possible. We cannot take any false steps, 'he explained.

The Balearic began training the serve this Thursday in a gentle way and will increase the intensity with the passing of the days with the aim of being prepared for Monday, when it will premiere at night session before the German Alexander Zverev.

'Yesterday I took out very slowly. We must gradually add effort on the area. I am with the illusion that things can go well and with the intact hope of being able to arrive well. To play from the bottom I don't have any pain, nor taking yesterday either. '

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'When one has a small muscle injury and the space of time is less than a week you have to be as prudent as possible, I do not feel uncomfortable but I have not taken (to the maximum), you have to see when I take 100% and until tomorrow it will not be, 'he added.

In addition, Nadal ruled out that he is in a situation similar to that of 2017, when he presented himself to the tournament with doubts about a knee problem and had to retire after the first meeting.

'I think it's a different situation, in 2017 it was wrong, I came very badly from the knee. That was a much more chronic thing, this is something punctual, in the moment that has happened I only have a week of margin. The doctors are positive and my feelings are good. With muscular things you know that a false step can throw everything else on the ground, 'said the Manacorense.

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