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Mau and Ricky stick together, but each at home

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Mexico City.- Even the inseparable Mau and Ricky are applying a healthy distance during the coronavirus quarantine, each staying at his home in Florida in the midst of the release of "I fall in love", his latest single.

We are close, but each one in our house, ”Ricky said Tuesday in a telephone interview.

The singer said he and his younger brother have been in quarantine for about a week. They take it very seriously because in 2009, when there was an outbreak of the H1N1 virus in Mexico, they got sick just like their sister Eva Luna. All three are children of singer Ricardo Montaner.

It hit me while in Mexico, ”said Ricky. "I was spending New Years over there and it hit me, my brother and my sister."

I have been super informed of everything that is happening in Mexico, ”added Ricky, who pointed out that, for now, in addition to being at home, he constantly washes his hands and tries to eat as much as possible of homemade food.

To tell you that we are cooking everything at home would be a lie to you, but we are taking precautions not to enter the house with (street) shoes, ”he said.

"I fall in love" includes a video in which the Venezuelan pop duo goes with their respective dates to a drive-in theater where they watch romantic comedies starring themselves. The movies are about dating going wrong, or very wrong in some cases.

"I've had dates that have definitely gone wrong," said Ricky, although he said it was more because of the fact that there wasn't a good connection between the two. “You don't know how to get out of the situation anymore, not just for yourself but for that person, because you know that person isn't having a good time either. Then it is that moment as an emergency to see how one gets out of there. "

He said that on one occasion, in order to get out of an uncomfortable situation, he told a girl that he was being called from the recording studio and that he had to leave.

She think she didn't know. What happens is that I was very drunk. ”

If someone is with a person that they do like but things get out of the script, as in the video, their advice is to stay calm and take it with humor so as not to get so nervous.

The song, which talks about that special moment of infatuation, arose when they were in Bogotá filming the video for “Recuerdo” with Tini. Ricky got inspiration for the choir one night and he and his brother finished it in their trailer, in the middle of filming.

I also wrote part of it on a plane, ”he said.

Juan Morelli, with whom they had written "La boca", and Juan Diego "Juandi" Arteaga also collaborated on the song. Jon Leone and Edgar Barrera were the producers.

For last Friday's launch, they had thought about making a red carpet premiere, as if it were a real movie, but plans changed because of the coronavirus.

Instead, they invited fans to get as many "likes" in their YouTube video comments. Whoever has more likes until Thursday will receive a visit from the singers in their city to go to the movies with them and they will be able to take 29 guests … "when all this improves," said Ricky.

If God wants, it will be sooner rather than later ”.

Mau and Ricky are finalists for the Billboard Latin Music Award for the album "Latin Pop" of the year for "For adventures and curiosities." They had planned to participate in the ceremony in Las Vegas, which was scheduled for the end of April but was postponed by the pandemic.

We are crazy to know if we earn it or not. We were also crazy about participating in the award, but the main thing is health and whenever we come back, we will be happy because it is our first nomination for the Billboards, it is very important, ”said Ricky.

In most people, the new coronavirus causes mild or moderate symptoms that disappear in two to three weeks. In some people, especially older adults and those with underlying health conditions, it can lead to more serious illnesses, such as pneumonia, and even death. Most people recover.

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