Masuoka Hiroshi, the historical voice actor of the Master Roshi of Dragon Ball Z, leaves us

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Not even 24 hours after the disappearance of Detto Mariano, the world of Japanese animation collides with yet another shocking mourning. On March 21, in fact, he left us Hiroshi Masuoka, voice story of Master Roshi in Dragon Ball Z and GT, as well as voice actor of numerous works famous all over the world.

The Japanese voice of the Master Roshi has changed countless times in the manga's television adaptation of Akira Toriyama, currently entrusted to Masaharu Satou starting from Dragon Ball Super. Still, the iconic voice of the Turtle Genie in Dragon Ball Z has had the opportunity to accompany the childhood of thousands of fans around the world.

On March 21, at the age of 83, Hiroshi Masuoka disappeared due to a rectal cancer that had accompanied him for some time now. Among the roles that have made him a darling of the Japanese public we cannot fail to mention Geronimo Jr. in Cyborg 009 and Jam of Anpanman, historical cartoon loved by millions of children.

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We too from the Everyeye editorial team embrace the pain of the family, as well as that of all the animation enthusiasts who for years have followed the extraordinary Dragon Ball franchise and the bizarre vicissitudes of the funniest turtle genius that the world has ever had the pleasure of. to meet.

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