Mass Effect, formerly BioWare reveals how many users have played the story from Forsaken

Discussing with his followers on Twitter the Morality system of the Mass Effect trilogy, the former BioWare Cinematic Designer, John Ebenger, revealed how many players have decided to face the adventure of the renegade blockbuster from Forsaken, that is embracing the "side obscure "of Commander Shepard.

According to reports from the ex BioWare developer recently engaged on the Star wars Jedi Fallen Order project, 92% of the N7 Ghost emulators have performed"good" moral alignment of the Heroes, while only 8% decided to face the challenges offered by the main Mass Effect campaign by hiring a "bad" attitude from Forsaken.

In revealing this interesting background on the moral alignment chosen by those who played at GDR cult of Electronic Arts, Ebenger focuses on the efforts made by the Mass Effect development team to guarantee users access to this important feature and underlines, with a barely concealed sadness, as "we really did a lot of work to make content from Forsaken too".

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Speaking of EA's sci-fi series, in recent days the Mass Effect chief writer entered Archetype and, in announcing his new professional adventure, illustrated the reasons that led him to leave BioWare.


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