Marysol and José Joel were received between batons and applause in posthumous tribute to José José

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The children of the "Prince of the Song" attended this Friday the tribute offered by the government of Mexico City

Marysol and José Joel were received between batons and applause in posthumous tribute to José José

Marysol and José Joel are cheered at the Zocalo in Mexico City

Brenda Martínez / Reform Agency

Between batons and applause, Jose Joel Y Sea and sun they were received in posthumous tribute to their father, Jose jose, in the Zocalo of Mexico City.

Before 100 thousand people of all ages, the children of “Prince of the Song”It took a few minutes to thank him for his presence despite the setbacks.

"Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, my dear and beloved Mexico. Welcome to this first tribute of many. Our true heritage, our legacy are you. Long live José José! We thank you very much. This is José José, from Mexico to the world"He said Jose Joel, while people shouted "Yes, it could."

Wearing a blue suit and smiling, the famous interpreted with the unison choir of the fans "I am going to fill you", a remarkable moment thanks to the lighting of the lights of people's cell phones.

Similarly his sister Sea and sun He cheered and applauded to interpret "Two."

Previously, Yuri The ovation of those present was carried out when they sang one of the most famous songs of the late singer, “El Triste”.

"Good afternoon my people, may the ‘Prince’ live, this goes for you, my dear brother and friend“, Expressed the celebrity while receiving a loud applause.

Accompanied by the voices of the attendees, including those sheltered in the surrounding buildings, the actress also continued her interpretation.

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Although fans asked Yuri not to stop singing, she had to leave the stage to give rise to Paty Cantu, who interpreted "Doubted."

Between the batons of the people who said "Yes, it was possible" and ‘Olé, olé, Jose jose" Mijares He raised the spirits with "Desperate", one of the most chanted themes of the evening.

"Let the palms be heard up to heaven," so he entered Sonora Santanera to put some to dance with their tropical touch with the success “Amar y Querer”, which they sang in life to Jose jose in 2014.

Although his silence was broken by the voice of Candy, who delighted them with "Gavilán or Paloma", and while she was blowing, people kept accompanying her with their palms.

"Long live José José," said the artist after saying goodbye.

Black dress, Reyli It gave a rocker touch to “Lo Past, Past”, song in which he was accompanied by four musicians.

"The‘ Prince ’unites us, an applause for the‘ Prince, "he said before finishing his part in the ceremony.

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