Marvel's Spiderman, the script becomes a book: the author hopes it will serve the students

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While rumors continue to chase each other on a Marvel's Spiderman 2 for PS5, the team of Insomniac Games has published a very interesting volume.

In collaboration with Sony and Marvel, a book dedicated to script by Marvel's Spiderman. The latter, in particular, focuses on intermission sequences present within the exclusive PlayStation 4. The entire text produced by the development team would have been difficult to propose in full version: in an interview granted to Vice, Jon Paquette, lead writer for Marvel's Spiderman, has indeed revealed that this would amount to approx 800,000 words, of which only half actually found space in the final version of the game.

A volume that, according to Paquette, could be particularly useful for young people who have ambitions related to the writing of scripts. "I am often asked, usually by students 'How is a video game script made? ", told the veteran of Insomniac, referring to how often children express the desire to have a real one, to be used as example to better understand different aspects of the script writer job.

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As of September 2019, the statistics indicated Marvel's Spiderman as the best selling PS4 exclusive in the USA since the launch of the flagship console from Sony.

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